Sensor Fusion is a technique used to combine sensory inputs (or the data derived from such inputs ) from the various types of sensors. These inputs are combined in a way whereby the resulting data has a higher quality than when only one type of sensory input is implemented.

In our Sensor Fusion technology we use a combination of sensors available for Mobile Devices. We combine inputs from:
a) Accelerometers
b) Gravimeter
c) Magnetometer
d) Gyroscopes
e) GPS
We use various techniques to improve the data quality. Along with various mathematical and methods we use elements of physical modeling to eliminate improbable data combinations. For instance, we correct GPS by using accelerometer readings. By analyzing the acceleration patterns we extrapolate what moves are possible for the device, giving a more accurate location.

Example Applications:
a) Inertial Navigation and Navigation enhancement
b) Health and Medical
c) Education

Adjacent Areas:
Augmented and Virtual Reality

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