Virtual Reality is a computer- generated/simulated environment. Immersion Virtual Reality allows virtual placement of the user into simulated worlds.

We have implemented iOS and Android frameworks that feature polygonal mesh-based Virtual Room systems.

a) Provides simulation of real or imaginary world environments
b) Recognizes positions of the objects on the screen and binds the position of the object on the screen to coordinates of the object in simulated world
c) Retrieves or generates the information about the object and/or its coordinates
d) Renders the retrieved information over or near of the position of the object of interest on the screen or plays back the sound related to the object (usually instructions or explanations)

Example Applications:
a) Macroscopic and Microscopic virtual presence for Educational Visualization
b) Simulated reality for games
c) Simulated reality for social interactions

Adjacent Areas:
Augmented Reality

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