Object Tracking

Object Tracking is a set of algorithms used to track an object's position from frame to frame in a video stream in real time.

Using highly precise Object Recognition technology, Object Tracking follows objects/subjects. A sample application will be provided to demonstrate object-tracking technology.

a) Capable of tracking non-rigid, fluid, and scalable objects
b) Capable of tracking different parts of non-rigid object separately
c) Performs in real time – up to 12 fps on a mobile device
d) Robust tracking in various lighting conditions, camera positions and orientations
e) Multicamera tracking – object-tracking using multiple camera systems

Example Applications:
a) Tracking of hand or fingers position for remote video-based controls via gesture recognition
b) Tracking of tiny movements of head or body caused by pulse for heart rate estimation
c) Estimation of spatial characteristics of environmental objects via visual tracking during camera movements
d) Visual navigation and obstacle avoidance for robotic applications
e) Tracking of human or vehicle position for security applications
f) Video stabilization – elimination of jitter in video via smoothing of object track

Adjacent Areas:
a) Object Recognition
b) Object Detection
c) Augmented Reality

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