Object Recognition is a set of methods used to identify an object of a known (or even unknown) category within an image or video stream.

The Object Recognition Engine is implemented as a cross-platform library that may be customized and integrated into a client's software environment.

a) Capable of performing object categorization – recognition of an object category
b) Capable of performing fine-grained recognition – identifying a certain object within a known category
c) Recognition can be based on state-of-art image descriptors or customized descriptors, optimized for a certain object category
d) Real-time image processing rate – 12 fps on a mobile device

Example Applications:
a) Recognition of pictures, signs and any other 2d graphical objects
b) Recognition of product packaging and labeling
c) Recognition of buildings, architectural features
d) Recognition of traffic signs and labels, visual cue based navigation
e) Medical apps
f) Biometric identification via recognition of faces, palms, irises, and etc
g) Facial expression recognition
h) License plate recognition and Driver License recognition
i) Static and Dynamic signature recognition for personal identification and transaction security
j) Visual coding and decoding

Adjacent Areas:
a) Augmented Reality
b) Virtual Reality
c) Object Detection
d) Object Tracking car

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