Object Detection is a set of techniques used to find a particular object in an image or video sequence.

The Object Detection Engine uses computer frameworks that may be customized and integrated into a client's software environment.

a) Detects objects with specified characteristics:
– Textures (pictures, buildings and etc.)
– Shape, orientation, and position of an object (vertical, diagonal and etc.)
– Color composition (pictures with different palettes)
b) Fast real-time detection - 12 fps on a mobile device
c) Substantially enhanced performance if used on a device with advanced hardware like a notebook, desktop PC
d) Customizable templates for the detection of such objects like shapes, faces and etc

Example Applications:
a) Facial recognition
b) Trademark, label, and logotype detection
c) Detection of specific object (such as a vehicle)

Adjacent Areas:
a) Object Recognition
b) Object Tracking

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