and Mapping

Localization and Navigation is a set of algorithms used to perform visual and inertial localization, mapping and path planning.

The Localization and Navigation Engine is implemented as a cross-platform library that contains methods for localization, mapping and path planning and may be integrated into a client's software and hardware environment.

a) Localization can be performed using the recognition of visual cues or using depth sensors
b) Fast performance based on optimized localization techniques such as a Particle Filter
c) Multi-Scale path planning
d) Collision avoidance algorithms

Example Applications:
a) SLaM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) for robotic applications
b) Outdoor and indoor visual localization application for mobile devices
c) Track Control for following a person or vehicle
d) 3D reconstructions of rooms, buildings, and etc

Adjacent Areas:
a) Augmented Reality
b) Sensor Fusion
c) Object Recognition

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