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Our approach is client-based, tailoring the process to each individual client. After an initial consultation whereby we become more familiar with the problem(s) our potential client experiences with their technology, we create an approach that will best generate a positive solution. Our process employs a combination of Waterfall and Agile approaches to acquire detailed requirements and specifications. When conducting the research or developing the deliverables we divide the schedule into two week iterations. Each iteration has a specific goal or series of goals at its core to be delivered with demonstration, if required, once the two week period is complete. Each iteration not only includes the goals for that period, but also a budget. With each result, positive or negative, we will continue to modify benchmarks as required

Though the goals are perticular to the client, the general overarching scheme is - as follows:
  • Inception, where we familiarize ourselves with the problems we will be solving. We cover the cost of this phase.
  • Problem Formalization, where we translate the definition of the problem from a formal business to R&D process verbiage.
    We cover the cost of this phase.
  • Feasibility Study, where we examine the ability of the team to solve the problem. We cover the cost of this phase.
  • Preliminary Planning, where we define the schematic of the project plan and the budget. This is the last phase we cover the cost of and this is the first phase that contains deliverables. The deliverables of this phase include a rough sketch of the project plan, including budget and duration of the project.
  • Detailed Requirement Gathering, where we produce detailed R&D specifications. This is first phase that includes a cost to the client. The deliverable of this phase is a detailed ERD that can be handed over to another R&D organization for execution if necessary.
  • R&D planning, where we produce a Statement of Work that gives a preliminary weekly project and budget breakdown.
  • Project Execution, where the project's goals are executed one after another.
  • Each deliverable is gathered and handed to the client, a detailed report is provided and an invoice is sent to the client. Upon signing the contract we collect a retainer that we use as a security deposit and to cover up-front project-related expenses.

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